Want To Publish A Study That Could Potentially Disrupt Content Marketing?

As I noted on the writing page of this site, my content production/creative process begins with identifying goals. Business people identify goals based upon intelligence; the more extensive their knowledge of a subject, the better they can define profitable goals for their firms. In this way, business intelligence sets the course of industry.

I’m currently offering a unique opportunity to collect business intelligence to help set the course of the content marketing industry: I’m commissioning a potentially industry-disruptive study of the net microeconomic effects of content/SEO battles among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). I’m looking for someone to test my hypothesis that SMB spending on content production and search ranking is a net microeconomic positive only of it increases economies of scale for the business and enables the consumer to make a more-informed purchasing decision.

I’m interested in this topic because I’ve come to the realization that, from the perspective of some SMBs, content/SEO spending is little more than an additional cost of doing business. A neighbor of mine, who has operated a niche manufacturing business for the past 37 years, reminds me of this from time to time. According to him, his products found their way into peoples’ homes before the internet simply because of their reputation for quality. Because his products “sold themselves”, as he puts it, he was able to eschew most marketing and invest his cash reserves in research and development. Now, he laments having to spend a lot of money on content production/SEO to stay ahead of the competition in search ranking. The additional expense detracts from his R&D, he claims, and he passes on the inefficiencies to the consumer, like his competitors do.

Given this context, the purpose of this study would be to:

  • Determine the net microeconomic effects of small and medium-sized business spending on content production/SEO across industries.
  • Determine which specific types of content/SEO spending create the greatest net economic gains/losses. 
  • Identify ways the gains/losses can be capitalized on.

This would be an invaluable experience for the right person, as s/he would gain:

  • Credibility for publishing a scholarly work that could influence the course of the content marketing industry.
  • The opportunity to use an academic pursuit to build a network of SMB owners.
  • The pride of promoting your institution’s brand by producing valuable business intelligence.

In case you’re wondering what’s in it for me, it includes:

  • Contributing to the advancement of an industry I love.
  • Obtaining business intelligence that I can bring to an employer to improve my value proposition.
  • Gaining a better understanding of the economics of content production.

PhDs in economics welcome. Please contact me if interested. Thank you.


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